Resource Library

A collection of coding resources gathered by Coding Camp members

About the Resource Library

These resources have been suggested or recommended by camp members and collated by camp staff into one easily accessible area. Resources are categorised as Coding Tools, Design Tools and Communities and attention should be paid to any specific licences or terms of usage mentioned within the resources themselves.

You can view the library on Airtable or report a broken resource via our #contact-staff channel on Discord. We reserve the right to remove resources at any point.

Submitting Resources

You can submit a resource via this form. Please note:

Using the Library

Resources are grouped by category and can be further filtered using the Label column. Each resource includes a title, URL, summary and appropriate labels. Groups can also be minimised.

In order to apply a filter, click Filter then Add condition. Select Label and ensure the condition is set to has any of, and then select the appropriate label in the dropdown menu. You can also type into this box. You will know a filter has been applied because the filter column will turn green.